Can you withdraw your consent to be treated as a PI after you have signed the Opt-In Form, and what are the consequences?

Yes. In the event that you have signed an Opt-In Form and consented to be treated as a PI by StashAway for the purpose of all the Consent Provisions and in connection with your accounts, investments, and holdings with StashAway, you have a right to withdraw your consent at any time. 

You can do this by sending an email to

Your withdrawal of consent will take effect upon 7 days after we receive your duly completed Opt-In Withdrawal Form ("Opt-In Withdrawal Effective Date").

In the event that you withdraw your consent, StashAway will not be able to treat you as an PI with effect from the Opt-In Withdrawal Effective Date. Generally, non-PIs may have access to a limited range of financial products and services as compared to those available to an PI. Some of our products and services may not be available to persons who are non-PI. 


This means that thereafter, StashAway will not be able to offer you StashAway Reserve products and services and we may no longer provide financial planning advice or offer any other services in relation to StashAway Reserve with effect from the Opt-In Withdrawal Effective Date.

However, subject to any other rights that StashAway may have under the applicable terms and conditions governing your account, investments, holdings, and/or dealings prior to the Opt-In Withdrawal Effective Date will not be affected solely by virtue of you withdrawing your consent from being treated as an PI. You will still be able to hold on to your existing investments. However, if you would like to receive further advice, purchase a new investment, make new subscriptions, receive information or advice on new products, or switch out existing investments and/or carry out any other transactions on or after the Opt-In Withdrawal Effective Date, we will not be able to accept such requests or transactions.

StashAway shall not be liable to you under any circumstances for any losses that you may suffer as a result of you opting out from being treated as an PI.

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