What are the Terms and Conditions of the launch promotion for Flexible Portfolios?

  • With our launch promotion, you’ll get free investing until 30 June 2023 on any fresh funds deposited into Flexible Portfolios. Here are the Terms and Conditions for the promotion:
  • There is no voucher code to be applied for this promotion.
  • The management fee waiver is valid until 30 June 2023 on any new deposits made into Flexible Portfolios.
  • The promotion applies to all new deposits made until 30 June 2023 across any Flexible Portfolios created.
  • The promotion is not valid on transfers into Flexible Portfolios from other investment portfolios.
  • The promotion will not be valid if funds from other StashAway portfolios are withdrawn to a bank account and then re-deposited into a Flexible Portfolio as fresh funds.
  • StashAway reserves the right to make changes to the promotion.
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