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With StashAway Academy’s wide range of personal finance and investing courses and events in your hands, you can finally make financial decisions with confidence.

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StashAway Academy

Basic courses

Financial Planning Basics

In Financial Planning Basics, learn how to tailor your financial plan to your individual preferences and goals. Whether your goal is to buy a house or save more money, there are essential steps in financial planning that will set you up to take control of your personal finances.
By the end of the seminar, you’ll be equipped to do the following:
  • Determine your current financial standing
  • Set up a budget that reflects your current and future priorities
  • Specify and prioritise your life goals and assess how much they will cost to achieve
  • Develop a strategic action plan to reach your goals
  • Set up cost-effective safety nets for you and your loved ones
  • Review and revise your financial plan along the way
  • Understand basic investing terms (to be continued in Investing Basics)

Investing Basics

There's plenty of investment advice and types of investments out there, so how should you decide how to start investing? Whether you’re a beginner in investing, or you want solidify your understanding of investing, this seminar will equip you with the information you need to feel comfortable making the best investment decisions for yourself.
What we’ll cover:
  • The differences between various asset classes
  • What a balanced portfolio should look like
  • What you should consider before making an investment
  • Understanding your personal risk preferences
  • Why your investment timeline is important
  • Do-it-yourself investing versus having a portfolio manager
  • Dollar-cost Averaging versus Timing the market


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