USD Cash Yield

Earn 5.45%* p.a. in USD

Invest in ultra-low-risk US Treasuries. Earn on any amount. No minimum, no maximum, no rules.

*As of 30 April 2024

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Earn 5.45%* p.a. in USD

With our USD Cash Yield portfolio, you’ll get exposure to short-duration US Treasury with maturities between 0 – 3 months. 

Grow your cash with no rules

  • No minimum or maximum balance
  • No lock-ins
  • No restrictions on withdrawals or transfers
  • No investment, insurance, or salary requirements
Grow your cash with no rules

Why invest in USD Cash Yield portfolio?

Treasury yields are at decade-highs

Interest rates are likely to stay high in 2023, providing investors compelling yields at low risk

US Treasuries are one of the safest investments around

They're backed by the US government

Helps protect against inflation

Yields are correlated to rising interest rates

More about our USD Cash Yield portfolio

We offer our USD Cash Yield portfolio as a template under our customisable Flexible Portfolios in the StashAway app. Select the USD Cash Yield template, and customise it anytime from 45+ different asset classes.

USD Cash Yield portfolio

Latest yield: 5.45%* p.a.
*The yield to maturity is provided by the ETF fund manager and is not a guarantee for future returns. The latest annualized yield is as of 30 April 2024, and may change depending on market conditions

Management fee
0.3% p.a. 

Ultra-low risk

Underlying funds
Short-duration US Treasuries with maturities between 0 - 3 months

USD Cash Yield portfolio

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Frequently Asked Questions

Short-dated US Treasuries are also known as Treasury bills (T-bills). They're debt securities issued by the US government with a maturity of one year or less, making them highly liquid.

Everyone. Since US Treasuries are ultra-low risk and liquid, it’s a great way to grow your cash.

Managing your cash should be part of any financial plan, no matter your net worth and risk tolerance. A low-risk, rate-earning cash management portfolio protects your money from losing too much of its value to inflation. It also protects your money from any sudden market dips just as you might need to withdraw it.

US Treasuries are backed by the US government, making them virtually one of the safest investments around. The US government has a long history of meeting its debt obligations since it can pay off its debts by raising taxes or printing more money. The only credit risk would come from the highly unlikely scenario that the US government would default.

There are a few key differences between a classic fixed deposit account at a bank and a USD Cash Yield portfolio.

Fixed depositUSD Cash Yield Portfolio
DescriptionAn account opened at a bank that pays a guaranteed interest rate after a stipulated time period.A portfolio that invests into short-dated US Treasury Bills. 
The rateYou lock a guaranteed rate.The rate is a projection and moves along with US Treasury Bill rates. 
Lock-in periodVaries from 3 to 12 months on average.None
Minimum amountUsually requires $20,000+ of new funds to earn preferential interest rate None
Deposit insuranceInsured under Hong Kong’s Deposit Protection Scheme for up to $500,000 HKD per depositor per scheme member.Uninsured

The underlying ETF is an accumulating share class. This means that the dividends received will be reinvested into the ETF instead of being paid out, increasing the value of your ETF.  Over time, you will compound your gains - thanks to the power of compounding interest. 

As always with StashAway, there are  no restrictions for withdrawals, so you can withdraw any amount from your portfolio, at any time.

Yield to Maturity (YTM) is the total annualised return anticipated on a bond if held until maturity, inclusive of the interest payments you’ll receive and any difference in the current price of the bond versus its maturity price (which is the same at the point it is issued). It is expressed as an annual percentage rate. We always indicate the date at which the YTM calculation is based until.

Your portfolio will be charged a flat fee of 0.3% p.a.

In addition to the StashAway management fee, ETF managers also charge a small management fee of 0.07% p.a. for USD Cash Yield portfolio. Do note that if you deposit in HKD, StashAway’s custodian bank charges a small one-off currency conversion fee of 0.10%. This is because it is a USD-denominated portfolio and the fee is very competitive in comparison to most retail banks which charge between 0.35 - 0.7%. 

To summarise:

Total fee for USD Cash Yield portfolio =

StashAway management fee of 0.3%p.a. + ETF manager fee of 0.07% p.a. + currency conversion fee 0.10%.

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