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We’re licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (CE No. BQE542)

Investing made easy

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We're all about simpler, smarter investing. No hoops to jump through, no complicated terms, just simple investing.

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With us, you get the investment options you need, real people to answer your questions in seconds, the security you’d expect from a bank, and the simplicity you’d expect with an app.

Powered by technology. Invested by experts. Driven by you.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the finance and tech industries, our founders came together to curate and deliver an investment platform that anyone can use.

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Wherever you are in your investment journey, we have the investment options you need to grow into your investments.

General Investing powered by StashAway

Keep your risk constant in any economic condition while also optimising for long-term returns

Thematic Portfolios

Invest in major trends that you believe will shape the future.

General Investing powered by BlackRock®

Get broad market exposure with our most diversified portfolio yet, with insights from one of the world's largest asset managers.

Flexible Portfolios

Customise your own portfolios by picking your assets and adjusting their allocations.

Responsible Investing with ESG

Keep your risk constant in any economic condition while also optimising for both long-term returns and ESG impact.

We work with some of the world’s top fund managers

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We’re here to help you gain control of your financial future. Build your financial knowledge, grow your cash, and plan your path towards financial freedom.


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Whether you’re just starting your personal finance journey or are an expert looking for additional insights, our free courses, blog, podcasts, and videos are here to give you the information you need.

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Application process was seamless. Been using StashAway for a while now and I’m very satisfied with the easy to navigate user interface.
StashAway client since 2021
You can WhatsApp them your questions and they usually get back within 48 hours. I am very satisfied. I have written in 3 times before and all my questions were answered every time.
Gerald Leong
StashAway client since 2020
I adore their free courses! It helped me visualise just what I should do with my money so I don’t mess up.
Kimberly Foo
StashAway client since 2021
What’s amazing isn’t the 10% growth in my portfolio. What’s truly amazing is how good their algorithm is at corrections, especially in these turbulent times.
Bobby Lim
StashAway client since 2020
Great for helping you figure out different saving goals according to your own risk profile and timeline
Oleg Kurochka
StashAway client since 2019
No more waiting on robo live chats etc. You get an actual person on the other line servicing you.
StashAway client since 2021
This application is really easy to use and the support team is very efficient.
Sylvain Pingont
StashAway client since 2020
If you are new to investing and want more customisation than roboadvisors from banks, you can try StashAway. They have different risk indexes from 10% to 36% while banks have 4 or 5 options.
Teng Yu Wei
StashAway client since 2021
Interesting that StashAway proactively re-optimises the portfolios so as to capture gains, instead of reacting to market conditions.
Darren Leow
StashAway client since 2021
StashAway is a fuss-free and intuitive platform to use to get started on your investment journey. Not only is the set up very simple, the capital needed to get started is quite minimal.
Douglas Chia
StashAway client since 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

The regulation requires us to verify your bank account. For us to do that, you'll need to transfer at least $10,000 HKD or $1,300 USD for your first deposit. StashAway does not impose any minimum balance and this is just a regulatory requirement for verification purpose. There is no minimum balance for your subsequent deposits with the same bank account. You have full discretion on how much and when you want to invest, including no minimum balance to maintain the account. You may also skip a month or two, resume, and withdraw whenever you wish. All without incurring charges or penalties.

Stashaway Hong Kong Limited is our legal entity and is licensed to conduct business in Type 1 (dealing in securities), Type 4 (advising on securities) and Type 9 (asset management) regulated activities under the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong for both retail and professional investors. This means that we have been compliant and met the criteria of the highest standards. We have been audited, and provide full disclosure.

You may find our license here: Our License.

StashAway offers low-cost, intelligent, and personalised investment advice specific to your goals and financial situation, unlike traditional advisors who charge high fees and offer one-size-fits-all investment packages. 

We use advanced technology that aims to maximize risk-adjusted returns through sophisticated algorithms that consider your personal goals, economic cycles, and market performance. Designed by expert investors.StashAway is a more systematic and efficient alternative to a traditional advisor. 

Additionally, StashAway has no minimum balance (apart from the initial $10,000 HKD deposit requirement from the Securities and Futures Commission), no lock-up period, and no withdrawal fees, and offers an intuitive digital platform to keep track of your investments.

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