Earn Passive Income: Introducing Our Passive Income Portfolio

16 March 2023

Put your cash to work in a globally-diversified fixed income portfolio and earn a payout target of 4–6% p.a. 

Rates current as of March 2023

Want to earn passive income without the side hustle? Put your money to work! We’re excited to share our Passive Income portfolio that offers regular target payout. It’s a great way to diversify your portfolios or earn some extra income – use it to help you pay for your coffees, bills, clothes, meals, or anything else!

📱 On the StashAway app, select “Flexible Portfolios” > “Start with a template portfolio” > “Passive Income”

First of all, what’s passive income? 

Basically, passive income is any income that you can earn while you sleep. There are two ways to generate passive income:

  1. Create royalty- or revenue-generating content, such as a blog, podcast, or online course. This strategy requires time and persistence.
  2. Invest into income-generating investments, such as dividend-yielding bonds or real estate. This strategy requires capital.

We’re here to help you with the latter, with our Passive Income portfolio:

Our Passive Income portfolio, in a nutshell:

With our Passive Income portfolio, you get a portfolio pre-built with income-generating assets that you can adjust and change at any time.

  • It features a 99% globally-diversified exposure to a variety of bond assets, including global, corporate, high-yield bonds
  • It offers 4 – 6% p.a target payouts
  • It’s constructed to withstand changing economic environments over the long term to continuously deliver attractive yields
  • There’s no minimum investment amount and no lock-ins
  • It's USD-based

Our Passive Income portfolio might suit you if you…

  • Want to preserve your capital while getting regular income payouts.
  • Are looking for assets that can do well during a recession, as bonds tend to rise first as markets price in a recession.
  • Want to see less volatility in your investments, since income portfolios provide investors with regular payments. In the current interest-rate environment, fixed income is an attractive option thanks to its high yields.

Why earn passive income now?

Bond yields are currently at decade-highs, thanks to sticky inflation and high interest rates that are likely to persist throughout 2023. High interest rates push up bond yields, meaning that bonds can provide investors with compelling yields at low risk.

Read more about why investing in short-term bonds makes sense.

How to create a Passive Income portfolio

Our Passive Income portfolio is available on the StashAway App as part of our Flexible Portfolios offering. Here’s how you can access it:

Choose from two Passive Income portfolios:

PortfolioStable IncomeHigh Income
Payout target4–5% p.a.5–6% p.a.

Curate your Passive Income portfolio however you like

You can add or remove any assets from the portfolio at any time to make it unique to your preferences. For example, you might want to add exposure to Emerging Markets or local government bonds. Or you might want to reduce interest rate risk by adding Floating Rate Corporate Bonds.

What you could earn with our Passive Income portfolio (HKD)

PortfolioHigh IncomeHigh IncomeStable IncomeStable Income
Investment amount$10,000$50,000$10,000$50,000
Yearly payout$550$2750$456$2280
Average monthly payout$46$230$38$190

Based on approximate returns: High Income (5.5% p.a.) and Stable Income (4.5% p.a.) with a holding period of one year. These return figures are for illustrative purposes and do not reflect actual returns nor the effects of inflation. 

Ready to earn passive income?

📱 On the StashAway app, select “Flexible Portfolios” > “Start with a template portfolio” > “Passive Income”

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