Is the balance in my USD Cash Yield portfolio calculated into my overall investments with StashAway?

We don’t include your USD Cash Yield portfolio balance as part of your overall investments under management when we calculate your overall fee with us. Read more about how we calculate the fee for USD Cash Yield portfolio below.

Your portfolio will be charged a flat StashAway management fee of 0.3% p.a.

In addition to the StashAway management fee, ETF managers also charge a small management fee of 0.07% p.a. for USD Cash Yield portfolio. Do note that if you deposit in HKD, StashAway’s custodian bank charges a small one-off currency conversion fee of 0.10%. This is because it is a USD-denominated portfolio and the fee is very competitive in comparison to most retail banks which charge between 0.35 - 0.7%. 

To summarise:

Total fee for USD Cash Yield portfolio =

StashAway management fee (0.3%p.a.)

+ ETF manager fee of 0.07% p.a.

+ currency conversion fee 0.10%.