How do I fund my StashAway account and what are the Financial Institutions (FI) you accept deposits from?

Depending on which bank you are transferring from, the instructions could vary.

We’ve included the transfer instructions in your StashAway account;

Step 1: Go to “Manage Deposits” ( on the web app ) or “Transfer” ( on the Mobile app )

Step 2: Select “Put Money in”

Step 3: Select either “One-time” or “Monthly” Deposit plan

Step 4: Update your deposit plan and choose your desired transfer method

Step 5: Click “Continue” and “Confirm”.

After that, you will be able to find the transfer instructions for you to proceed with the deposit. You can make deposits in either HKD or USD. 

We accept deposits from all licensed banks in Hong Kong. You can refer to a list of banks here .

If you make a deposit from other non-bank financial institutions, we may reject the deposit and return the funds to the sender.

Please note that acceptance of your funds will be subject to our Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks.