What happens to my money if StashAway gets acquired, goes public, or closes?

Your money is kept entirely separate from StashAway's finances. To ensure that we never touch your money, we use custodian banks that hold your money, whether it's in cash or in securities.

StashAway has made it a top priority to work with global, reputable banks for these purposes. Our custodian bank for receiving your deposits is Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited while Citibank and HSBC hold your securities and investable cash in Singapore, respectively through a trust account maintained by our broker (Saxo Capital Markets Pte Ltd). 

In these custodian institutions, your assets are always in a segregated account-- one that is separate from StashAway's operations and assets. This means that you will always have full access and claim to your assets no matter what happens to StashAway.