What if the value of my portfolio drops below the required minimum?

We’ll remind you to invest more in order to meet the required minimum of $1,000,000 HKD. If this minimum is not met within 6 months, you’ll lose access to StashAway Reserve. Note that the required minimum refers to the higher amount of either net deposits or total assets (value of portfolio).

Net Deposits (HKD)Total Assets (HKD) (Value of Portfolio)Meets Required Minimum?

For example, if you have deposited $1,000,000 HKD with StashAway, but your total assets drop to $950,000 HKD due to market fluctuations, we would still refer to the higher amount, which is your net deposits. Similarly, if you have deposited $950,000 HKD, but your total assets have grown to $1,000,000 HKD, we would refer to the higher amount, which is your total assets (value of portfolio).