Former Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, John Tsang, Has Joined Our Advisory Committee

04 May 2022

We’re excited to announce that John Tsang Chun-wah, Hong Kong’s longest-serving Financial Secretary (2007-2017), has joined our advisory committee.

John Tsang has consistently advocated for education, and will provide a dependable voice to the public when it comes to investing.

John Tsang has more than three decades of experience working in Hong Kong’s civil service sector across the government offices of trade, commerce, housing, industry, technology, and finance. During his years as Financial Secretary, Hong Kong’s economy grew at a stable rate, with the government recording surpluses every year.

There’s a lack of sensible investment options in Hong Kong for people to take charge of their personal finances, and we’re closing this gap together with John Tsang.

We help people in Hong Kong build long-term wealth while making it easy to learn about personal finances and investing. John Tsang is closely aligned to our mission, and we’re thrilled for him to be part of this journey.

The best part? To celebrate joining our advisory committee, John Tsang will be giving away part of his exclusive Choi Yeah NFT collection.

New clients who make an investment of at least $50,000 HKD in their first deposit and existing investors who top up $30,000 HKD are eligible to participate on a first-come-first-served basis*. Owners of this NFT collection can also expect to receive additional seasonal gifts. Royalties from secondary NFT sales will go towards supporting local technology startups.

*Terms and conditions apply

Clients who have opted out of marketing communications inside the App will not receive communications about this Choi Yeah NFT Giveaway Campaign. If you’d like to receive updates about this, kindly update your communications preferences on your settings and opt-in to “Special discount and promotions”.

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