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Imagine what’s possible when you treat your money right

Doing the right thing with your money just got a lot easier. Select your risk exposure, and from there, we’ll manage your risk, maximise your returns, and navigate your money through changing economic environments. And it’s all automated, so you don’t have to do a thing.

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We know effective investing is complex

So let us handle the complexity so you can focus on the things you want to do. Here’s what’s behind our portfolios:


vetted ETFs, narrowed down to 33


underlying securities in any given portfolio


economies to which you have exposure


years of relevant industry experience


hours of research and stress-testing

Put data behind your money

Meet ERAA®, our proprietary investment framework that uses data to make portfolio decisions, and technology to maintain precision. It’s specifically designed to navigate your money through both good times and not-so-good times so that you can always sleep at night.

High risk isn’t the only road to high returns

Forget what they told you. Higher returns don’t actually have to come with higher risk. While other fund managers expose your capital to unnecessary risk in pursuit of higher returns, we maximise returns within given risk constraints. This risk-first approach keeps your losses in check and in control.

Intelligent asset allocation, not securities selection

According to the end-2019 SPIVA US Scorecard, well more than 90% of fund managers underperform their benchmarks. Further, several long-term studies have concluded that asset allocation is responsible for between 80% and 96% of a portfolio’s return profile. We didn’t like the sounds of that. So we focus on asset allocation, never stock picking.

Global diversification offers the most opportunities

Diversification isn’t about just casting a wide net-- it’s about knowing where to cast the net for the best combination of protection and performance in a given economic environment. Our investment team searches high and low, and near and far, so that your portfolios are set up to capture the greatest opportunities.

Investment decisions should be based on data, not emotions

Our system monitors data, not headlines, to make investment decisions. Any adjustments to a portfolio are based on economic data, not market noise.

How our portfolios have performed

Below is our portfolios' annualised performance and our same-risk benchmarks' since our launch in July 2017. We compare our portfolios' performance to their respective same-risk benchmarks because risk management is a core function of our investment strategy: We designed and manage our portfolios to maximise your returns without exposing your money to excessive, unnecessary risk to earn those returns.

202201-StashAway-Performance-Chart-App-USD202201-StashAway-Performance-Chart-Web-USDOur same-risk benchmarks are proxied by MSCI World Equity Index (for equities) and FTSE World Government Bond Index (for bonds). The benchmarks we use have the same 10-years realised volatility as our portfolios. We calculate these returns before fees. All returns are in USD terms.The inception date for portfolios with SRI 6.5%, 8%, 10%, 12%, 14%, 16%, 18%, and 20% is 19 July 2017; the inception date for portfolios with SRIs of 26%, 30%, and 36% is 16 August 2018; the inception date for the portfolio with SRI 22% is 15 August 2019.Past performance is not a guarantee for future returns. Before investing, investors should carefully consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses, and if need be, seek independent professional advice. Last updated January 2022.

Our investment framework's goal isn't to beat the markets every day. In fact, depending on how much risk you decide to take, you'll likely still experience short-term volatility at times. But, through those bumps, your StashAway portfolios can recover more quickly compared to investments with the same risk level that don't maximise returns. The end result? The opportunity for less painful drawdowns in the short term, and stronger performance in the medium to long term.

What’s the StashAway Risk Index?

We’re risk-first, meaning you select the risk you’re willing to accept, not the returns you’re after. The StashAway Risk Index (SRI) you select is the downside you’re willing to accept. Our system will manage your portfolio to make sure there’s a 99% chance your portfolio doesn’t exceed that limit. So, for example, if you select SRI 14%, there’s a 99% chance your portfolio won’t exceed a 14% drawdown in a given year.

Build your wealth faster with low fees and cost-efficient investing

Precision and flexibility through fractional shares

Precision and flexibility through fractional shares

We can buy fractions of shares as small as 0.0001 units of an ETF. That way, you can invest every cent whenever you want, instead of waiting for just the right amount of money to buy a full share. This precision allows us to maintain your exact risk preferences. 

Automated and free rebalancing

Automated and free rebalancing

Our system checks every single day to see if your portfolios need to be rebalanced. When an asset class outperforms the other asset classes in your portfolio, our system automatically rebalances your portfolio to get it back on target to maintain your risk level.  This is included in our management fee.

Low expense ratios

Low expense ratios

We use ETFs to build our portfolios. ETF fund managers who build the ETFs usually charge a fee, known as an expense ratio, when fund managers (like us) buy their ETFs. The average expense ratio of the ETFs we carefully select is just 0.2% p.a.

Low annual management fees

Low annual management fees

Our management fee for our investment portfolios is between 0.2% and 0.8% per annum for your investments. Learn more about our pricing structure.

Your time is valuable, too

With our app, it only takes 15 minutes to set up an account to start your investing. From there, you can check and manage your investments, and tune into free financial courses wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products do StashAway offer? What is your investment strategy?

StashAway offers simple to use investment products made in USD-denominated ETFs that are available to both retail and professional investors.

We create tailored portfolios based on your personal financial situation, risk preferences and financial goals. We ensure your risk remains constant and optimize for returns throughout different market cycles using our proprietary  ERAA® asset allocation strategy, based on real-time economic data, instead of human emotions.

How does StashAway select ETFs?

StashAway chooses the best-in-class ETFs on your behalf. We chose the largest, most liquid, most tradable, and most cost-effective ETFs with the lowest tracking error to the index and a sufficiently long track record. We choose simple ETFs, which means they have no leverage or complex payoffs, and have no ETNs to avoid credit risk of issuer.

Why don’t I just invest on my own?

When investing as an individual, there are minimum trade sizes and high transaction costs imposed on the account, and this makes investing as an individual cost-prohibitive. With StashAway, you will benefit from the constant monitoring, rebalancing, and re-optimisation that we provide. Moreover, StashAway is able to offer fractional shares to make your portfolio more precisely allocated, which is nearly impossible if you were to do it on your own.