StashAway Live Webinar:A Crash Course to Customising Your Own Portfolios(英語內容)

16 February 2023

Be your own portfolio manager! Invest in whatever you like, and change your portfolio whenever you want. Find out how.

Do you want to invest only in passive income assets? Only in the S&P 500? Or only in clean tech? It’s now possible to build and customise your own portfolios however you like with Flexible Portfolios! Join us to learn all about it, and how you can best tailor your investments to fit your financial plan.

A Crash Course to Customising Your Own Portfolios

In this session, we’ll share:

  • What to consider when building your own portfolio
  • How a custom portfolio can fit into your financial plan
  • The different ways you can build a portfolio from scratch or customise an existing template, with examples!
  • How to add new assets and adjust their allocations, any time

Want to learn more, or ask us any questions about customizing your portfolios? Sign up now!


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