Introducing StashAway Reserve’s Private Investment Offering

06 February 2024
Michele Ferrario
Co-founder and CEO

Access institutional grade private investment with lower minimum and no subscription and hidden fees

This article is available only to Professional Investors (PI). Find out whether you’re eligible to become an PI with us.

This article shares some of the author’s personal opinions and experiences, and doesn’t represent financial advice. 

As part of StashAway Reserve, our new wealth creation offering, we provide verified Professional Investors (PIs) institutional-grade private investment opportunities at a low minimum, and with no hidden or upfront fees.  

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How Private Investment may benefits your investment portfolios 

Institutional investors who consistently generate high returns over the long term have always allocated significant portions of their portfolios to private market investments. Similarly, individual investors who include private market investments in their portfolios have experienced decreased volatility and increased returns. 

However, traditional providers (e.g. private banks) often require significant minimum investment amounts (from USD $250,000 to USD $1 million per fund), posing a challenge for individual investors seeking to diversify their portfolios within private market investments. On top of that, high subscription and annual fees are usually charged. 

Access world-class private market investments at lower barriers and fees with StashAway Reserve

With StashAway Reserve, we aim to make private investment more accessible for investors: 

  • We're working with leading global players to provide our clients with unparalleled access to curated institutional-grade private investment opportunities. Our rigorous due diligence process ensures our clients can invest with confidence.
  • We’re also able to lower the access bars to significantly less, as low as USD $20,000 per fund.  This opens up possibilities for individuals who hope to venture into the world of private market investments but were previously hindered by the entry requirements.
  • We believe in providing our clients with transparent and cost-effective investment solutions. We have therefore eliminated the hefty subscription and redemption charges that are commonly associated with traditional providers, maximizing the long-term investment returns for our clients.

We are currently in the process of bringing new managers on board to serve our investors. While this exciting development unfolds, if you have an interest in private market investments, we encourage you to get in touch with your dedicated wealth advisor to express your preferences and investment interests.

If you’re ready to become a Reserve client or would like to chat with us, just get in touch.

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